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The Woodville Jeans; Stanley Biggs answer to unique and authentic denim workwear for ladies.


Our jeans are made from preshrunk 13oz 100% cotton, in an authentic indigo denim by the world renowned Italian denim business, Candiani Denim Company, founded in 1938.


The Woodville Jeans are made in England and feature our own unique brushed metal finished rivets and buttons studs.


Unique to any other ladies jeans on the market, the Woodville jeans are side fastening, offering a far more comfortable and alluring silhouette designed to enhance and embrace the female form.

Alot of research and study has gone into creating a realistic and therefore, more attractive size grading designed to allow for the waist to be hugged and the hips to be accentuated, without sacrificing comfort.

How many times have you had to go up a size on the waist to get the right hip measurement?

Because of this, we have a greater size range based on each individual waist and hip size. For full details, take a look at our size chart.


Inkeeping with the early 20th century workwear styles, the Woodville jeans come with a prefolded turn up, which means there is ample choice for the jeans to be refolded according to the wearer's preference and leg length.


The pocket lining is even a heavy undyed calico cotton, allowing even further comfort when wearing. 


The Woodville Jeans take their name from one of the most influencial women in English History, Elizabeth Woodville, Queen of England from 1464-1470 and 1471-1483.  Born in the Midlands, Woodville became an influential figure in the War of the Roses and was deemed as one of the first 'commoner' Queens of England.

Her daughter, Elizabeth of York, later married Henry Tudor; their marriage ended the War of the Roses and established the Tudor Dynasty when he was crowned Henry VII and she Queen Elizabeth.

The Woodville Jeans

  • Three best practice to follow for your new pair of jeans.

    Wash Cold. Wash Less. Dry on the line.

    Try to keep your jeans out of the washing machine. It is better for the denim, the fit and the environment.

    If you get a mark, try sponging it down instead. The jeans will get that 'worn in' look only if you wear them in.

    When you do wash them, turn your jeans inside out, empty the pockets and put them on a cold wash (30 degrees). This will lessen fading and shrinking to a minimum. Be mindful what detergents you use also, some can be a little too harsh on the denim - remember, no chemicals have touched your jeans to date, so anything too harsh will shorten their lifespan.

    Avoid the dryer at all costs! Hang them on the line (still inside out) for the best care.

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