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Made in England, following an original 1930s pattern, The Hartington Slacks are the quintessential addition to your wardrobe.


They take their name from the village located at the very centre of the White Peak District. Close to the village, is one of the finest examples of a Neolithic Stone Circle, Arbor Low which dates from the Bronze Age. Interestingly, Arbor Low was one of the first ancient monuments to be given statutory protection in 1882.


Made from a stunning 100% linen in a Desert Khaki , The Hartington Slacks are an absolute must.


The cut is directly taken from an original pattern, capturing the elegance and timelessness of early 20th century fashion. We are delighted to expand on our iconic trouser range.


Cut with a high waist and with flattering double forward-facing pleats, the slacks are finished with an authentic button fly, single waist fastening and belt loops.

Also hidden away in the trouser pocket is a 'secret' pocket, with button fastening. Perfect for storing valuables and change.


The slacks are cut to a wide leg, measuring 10 inches wide at the ankle, with a 2inch turn up. Available in two finished leg options.


The linen is a perfect compliment for a more casual wardrobe option and for warmer climes.


No detail has been left to chance, with even the buttons being made in England from a natural and eco-friendly material called 'Corozo', otherwise known as 'vegetable ivory'. Corozo is derived from the nut of the Tagua Palm which grows in the equatorial rainforests of central America and Ecuador. As the ‘mococha’ nut falls to earth quite naturally when they are ripe, it means that there is no human harvesting or cutting of any part of the tree to make our buttons, which blissfully lives on regardless to continue growing and producing nuts for years to come.


Also available in Navy Grey colourway, why not check out The Derwent Slacks.

The Hartington Slacks

Arriving June
  • Linen is still best hand washed, but you can use a washing machine, at a 30 degree heat.

    Line Dry. Avoid direct sunlight.

    Pressing linen is best by applying spray to dampen the area beforehand.

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