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The Blake Jumper, inspired by the poet and artist William Blake.


Blake was an English poet, artist and printmaker who was largely uncelebrated during his lifetime.  Now, he is considered a visionary of the Romantic and Pre-Romantic Era.


A committed Christian, though opposed to organised religion, many of his works was inspired by The Bible. Along with his writing, he would then illustrate in the most remarkable way. He rejected many of the modern trends of the time, which gives his work an otherwordly overtone. 


He is known to have inspired many artists and musicians. Perhaps most famous are words taken from the Preface to his work Milton. The poem begins "And did those feet in ancient times..." 

It is from this works that the words for the anthem "Jerusalem" were taken.


The traditional crew neck pattern has been directly inspired from two original examples in our collection.

The unique crew neck shape and cut is directly reproduced from an early 20th century Royal Naval pattern jumper, while the deep waistband and double cuff design is directly inspired from an original mid 20th century varsity jumper.


In a deep navy yarn, this is the ultimate 'all-rounder' colurway. Chosen as it directly colour matched the Royal Naval jumper we took our inspiration from.


Available in seven sizes, the timeless Biggs crew necks can be worn as a tight or looser fit.

The Blake Jumper


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