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The Sydney Cap, named after Sydney Camm, the designer of the Hawker Hurricane Fighter Plane. Though overshawdowed by the more famous Supermarine Spitfire, it was actually the Hurricane that 'won' the Royal Air Force The Battle of Britain, it inflicting 60% of the losses sustained by the Luftwaffe during the battle. The workhorse of The Royal Air Force, it was flown in every theatre of the Second World War.


Expertly designed and crafted to offer a unique silhouette to any ensemble, the traditional eight dart cap with takes its influence from the early British & European caps of the 1920s.


The Sydney, is made from a stunning merino wool, woven in Yorkshire by one of our favourite milliners, Abraham Moons & Sons. We also use this gorgeous wool for The Newstead Trousers.

The caps are expertly made for Stanley Biggs by the world famous Hatters, Christy's of London.

The Sydney Cap

  • Cap - 100% Merino Wool

    Lining - 100% Cotton


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