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The Fitzgerald T-shirt Range pays homage to one of the most versatile rebels in the history of fashion; the t-shirt.The 'T-shirt', as we know it, was first manufactured in 1898 and by 1913, the US Navy had introduced the undergarment as an issue item.It was author F. Scott Fitzgerald who first termed "t-shirt" in their novel 'This Side of Paradise.' Largely considered as an undergarment, it was rarely to be seen worn without a shirt over. Then came Marlon Brando & James Dean... With the release of 'A Streetcar Named Desire' in 1950, followed by 'A Rebel Without A Cause' in 1955, the populartity of the T-Shirt as an outerwear garment soared and became associated as the garment for rebels.With its new association as an outergarment, the t-shirt has become closely associated to how messages can be conveyed; from a holiday souvenir, to merchandise of a music group or conveying a political protest, the t-shirt has become ‘the medium for the message’.Now, t-shirts are rarely seen without a message, statement or logo printed or embroidered on. What a fascinating and exciting garment to add to our range! It is with this history in mind that our t-shirts have been developed and created in three colourways. We have chosen to make our t-shirts from 100% recycled cotton, offering an incredibly comfortable and sustainable option that can be worn either on its own or as an undergarment. Deliberately discreet, the Stanley Biggs Fox is expertly embroidered in a matching cotton and sits on the right sleeve - still high enough for you to roll the sleeve should you wish to go full on Brando.

The Fitzgerald T-Shirt Grey

24,00£ Standardpreis
  • 100% recycled cotton.

    Wash at 40 degrees.

  • The model is wearing size medium and is 42" chest

    For a more period fit, you may want to consider ordering a smaller size as these are standard contemporary fit.

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